Accordion Lessons in the Knoxville Area

Why not play a musical instrument that will put a smile on your face? The amazing Accordion will do just that - for you & for those around you.

The Accordion is a naturally "happy instrument." It looks good & it sounds good! Once you put the "Squeezebox" on your lap and wrap it's shoulder straps around you - you'll be ready to make music! It's party time! All eyes will be on you & your Accordion will be the closest thing to your heart both emotionally and physically.

I enjoy Teaching "The Art Of Squeezing!" I've been playing the Accordion since I was 6 yrs old & have appeared on both Local & National TV. I credit my accomplishments in Life to Accordion Lessons given by the outstanding Accordion Teacher - "Neil Hakala."

Did you know that The Accordion is a popular instrument in many countries? Italians love it, as do the Jewish People, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Mexican, Irish, Canadian, Ukrainian, Russian, Canjun & Chinese - just to name a few.

During the 70's there was a hit tune on the pop chart called "Mama's Got A Squeezebox." Most everyone my age, knew all the words to that song.

All types of music can be played on the Accordion - from Polkas to Classical. The Accordion, in my opinion, is the most versatile instrument in the entire world. You may not see many commercials with an Accordion in it but if you listen closely, you can hear it.

The Accordion needs no accompaniment & you can take it with you! No band or orchestra is needed - however the Accordion was the "featured musical instrument" of the highly popular "Lawrence Welk Show Orchestra" & that says a lot for the "Squeezebox."

When played properly, the Accordion is music to the ear. Let me put a smile on your face and on mine too! Take Accordion Lessons from me please.

Allow me to help you to become an Accordionist & a truly great musician!