Welcome to Linda Warren's School of Piano and Accordion

Music teaches patience, discipline, humility, self confidence, poise, creativity, and showmanship. Music is for all people, of all races, and all economic backgrounds. Music is food for the brain. It increases IQ and improves memory! Music lessons are for the very young to the very old! All levels & all types of music are taught: Traditional, Classical, Country, Gospel, Hymns, Blues & Pop! Learn to be a pro or play just for fun! I would love to teach you and your family to read music and to play by ear. Let me help you reach your music goals!


  • • Piano, Accordion, Theory, Scales, Ear Training, Song Writing, Improvisation, & Stage Presence.
  • • Early Childhood Music is taught to my students age 3 thru 6.
  • • Senior Citizen Discounts available.


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